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FAQs about healthy vending machines answered by The Jar - Healthy Vending!

In 2022, more people than ever before are concerned about the environment and their general health, especially following the pandemic of 2020.

This means that if you operate an office space or a business in general, you will probably want to show your staff that you care about their wellbeing and physical health, to ensure that they are happier about coming back to the office. And what better way to showcase this than by investing in a healthy vending machine?

Most people are familiar with the standard vending machine which usually has crisps, chocolate and lemonade in it. But as the name suggests, the vending machines that we offer provide healthy alternatives.

At The Jar - Healthy Vending, healthy vending machines in London are what we do, and our machines are designed to fit into any workplace in the UK and will provide you and your staff with healthy snacks throughout the day. We offer very reasonable rates for businesses and would be happy to discuss your business having one of our machines on site.

Of course, you likely have some questions before investing in one of our healthy vending machines in London. So here are the answers to some of the common questions that our team receives.

Is everything in the vending machine vegan?

Our healthy vending machines in London provide a wide range of foods designed to keep most dietary requirements met. However, no, not everything that is contained within our vending machines is vegan, but we do offer a wide range of vegan options, gluten-free options, sugar-free options and so on, so you will find something which tantalises your taste buds.

I want a healthy vending machine for my business - are they expensive?

No, the vending machines that we can provide either on a 6-month contract or longer are not expensive to your business and, depending on how many machines you want and the contract length, you may find that our machines are more reasonable than you originally thought. So, feel free to drop us a line to find out more information about the costs.

Do these machines use a lot of electricity?

Our vending machines typically use 590 watts, which is lower than a standard household fridge. So, no, they do not use a lot of electricity and should not cause massive fluctuations in your company’s electricity bill.

What are some of the advantages of these machines?

There are many advantages of a vending machine from our team, with one of the key ones being that a healthier workforce is more likely to be productive and take fewer sick days.

Then, of course, the snacks that we offer are delicious too and affordable. Also, with our short contracts, you can cancel your vending machine with us if you are unhappy, without hassle. So just contact us if you have more queries.

Do they automatically re-order low stock?

All of the vending machines can re-order low stock and have built-in technology to alert us remotely when stock levels on a certain product are low, meaning you won't have to worry about re-ordering.

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