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Environmentally friendly, healthy vending machines in London

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Although they are a quick and easy way for finding yummy snacks on the go, traditional vending machines are bad for your waistline and for your health. With more and more people concerned about their health and interested in healthy eating, you need to think about replacing your traditional vending machines with one of our excellent healthy vending machines in London. If you are in charge of an office space, educational establishment, entertainment venue or public place and you have a vending machine, then you want to make sure that it provides your students, staff, clients or the public with delicious, nutritious snacks and meals that will not be detrimental to their health, but rather promote better wellbeing.

Speak to us at The Jar - Healthy Vending. Taking up only a metre squared of your space, instead of being stocked full of chocolate bars, crisps and fizzy drinks, our healthy vending machines in London are instead stocked with wholesome snacks, delicious meal options, healthy fruit juices and milk drinks. Our vending machines stock fresh items and are affordable and convenient. We will make sure that there is no food wastage, stocking products accordingly and making sure there is no overstock. We provide an excellent range of food including yoghurts, granola bowls, salads, wraps and snacks with no need for concern about freshness or quality. We use remote monitoring to see what is in the vending machine, what needs to be restocked and what needs to be sold quickly. We want to minimise waste, be environmentally friendly and also deliver the best customer service for everyone.

Advantages of healthy vending

The demand for quick and convenient food on the go is always rising with more than half a million vending machines across the UK, vending approximately 7 billion products a year. If you can encourage the public to make healthier choices, then you can promote better health for the future. We want to change people's perceptions about vending machines and our vending machines are highly attractive, easy to use, convenient and provide full nutritional information on all the products. We cater for different dietary requirements and customers can filter the products so that it is easier to choose what is suitable for them. You can choose from three different vending machines and we will deliver and instal your vending machine at no cost to yourself. We provide free 24-hour technical assistance to help make sure that your vending machine is functioning at all times.

Healthy vending machines in London will help reduce a wide range of issues which are related to being overweight such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal disorders, mental health issues and even certain cancers which can be avoided by making healthier choices. Speak to us today and let one of our friendly professional team members explain more about our healthy vending machines in London so that you can choose which machine is the most suitable for your space, at no cost to your business, but with health benefits for all concerned.

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