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Enjoy access to nutritious snacks when you buy a healthy vending machine

Here at The Jar, we strive to offer healthy snacks in the workplace. We have developed a range of machines offering wholesome food items and drinks to enjoy on a daily basis if you buy healthy vending machine UK.

We believe that now, more than ever, it’s important to be able to offer consumers a healthy alternative when it comes to snacking. Traditionally we are used to having the choice between a few packets of crisps, sandwiches, and chocolate. We have worked hard to change this narrative and include a range of wholesome alternatives for people to enjoy.

When you buy healthy vending machine UK you are presented with the opportunity to stock your machine with a host of delicious food items that include low-fat choices, vegan, lactose-free and even salt and sugar-free options. The best news is that we offer this at minimal cost to you, so you can enjoy nutritious food at an affordable price.

Enjoy low overheads thanks to The Jar

Are you considering opening a canteen or café at your place of business, but you’re worried about falling victim to monthly expenses and excessive costs? When you buy healthy vending machine UK from us you can enjoy low overheads. There will be no need to have to hire additional staff or pay for additional expenses as the machine is equipped to run on its own. Now you can deliver a range of tasty snacks to your staff without having to incur additional costs along the way.

In addition to there being low overheads we also assist with maintaining the machine so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you have access to assistance 24/7. We also help to monitor the levels of stock so we can top up on popular items that become an office favourite. Thanks to the help of modern technology, we have smart fridge options so that we will receive an alert through a text message when your stock is low, and a helpful staff member from our business will schedule a visit to your place of work to restock the machine for you.

Should you encounter any technical issues or problems with the machine service or functioning, our friendly engineer will be called out to help inspect the machine and correct any issues for you.

Did you know that our healthy vending machines are also designed to be energy-saving so that we can lower the impact we have on the environment? We have designed the machines to be controlled on a timer. They are also quite compact in size and are able to be placed in just a one square metre area in your work space.

Our vending machine also has one noticeable feature that makes it unique to traditional vending machines on the market today – a cutlery tray. Although it’s not just any cutlery tray as ours is designed to offer biodegradable, wood-based cutlery so you can avoid having to use plastic.

Consider The Jar at your workplace

Are you interested in pursuing the idea of having a healthy, wholesome vending machine located in your office or place of work? Perhaps you think we could be of service at your child’s school or tertiary establishment? We would be happy to answer any queries you may have and to assist with presenting a variety of nutritious snacks for you to consider.

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