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Endless juice picking dilemma solved by The Jar Healthy Vending

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

- “One black Americano and one orange juice, please.”

- “Some sugar for you?”

- “No thanks, I don’t like to add sugar to my coffee.”

Typical conversation you catch in one of many London’s coffeehouses and dinners. Curiously, people usually only specify not to have added sugar in the coffee but how much do we know about the sugar in the juice we take. Considering OJ a healthy drink it never comes to one’s mind how much sugar there actually is. At The Jar Healthy Vending we care about our juice bottles as some French sommeliers would do about their most prestigious wines. That is why we feel the need to share with you how to spot a great juice and throw away a fructose bomb.

Let’s go back to the basics and talk first about where we usually buy it. First coming to the mind is during Sunday grocery shopping for the next week. “Better option for kids, great to drink in the morning and definitely healthier than Coke...” Kind of thoughts, right? Well, really debatable in the end. Most of the juices we see are as toxic as coke and, surely, can’t be named any better option for kids. One small 100 ml glass of coke contains around 11g of sugar while Red Grape juice from Sainsbury’s contains 16.3g accordingly. In comparison, our daily intake of fructose which is the fruit sugar should be around 50g. In this situation 250ml take-away glass straight brings us very close to the top of the level at just 8 AM. And what happens when you get over those 50?

Well, your liver will just deny digesting the rest of it and it will all turn into fat. Skimmed milk macchiato but very fatty juice, please! Damage is caused not only to your appearance but also to your health. High fructose means increasing level of cholesterol which, consequently, causes heart related diseases. That is only and when high added sugars are the only problem as usually it would come together with artificial coloring, flavoring, stabilizers, homogenizes, preservatives or additives.

Already from the name of The Jar Healthy Vending you can get that we take well-being of our clients and ourselves seriously whether it’s meals or beverages. In our assortment of products, you can find carefully selected suppliers of juices like Press London or Rejuce which drinks are free from everything but natural ingredients. Check our brand new product page for more!

The Jar Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK

Furthermore, both produce cold pressed juices which allows us to take the most nutrient value of it. Explained easily, there are usually two ways of making some fresh juice. Either you use centrifugal juicer or the cold press machine. Centrifugal is the one with the fast spinning and easily heating blades while cold press juicers get the juice from pressing the ingredients through the filter without creating too much heat. That is the main and the most important difference between them as we know that high heat “cooks off” all the healthy enzymes in the fruits and veggies. As for more benefits of it, heat coming from centrifugal force leaves less flavour in the final product and this is where additional sugar steps in. So, don’t think “cold pressed” is just another trendy word, it actually does make a difference for your health and joy.

Our team really hopes that this juice guide helped you to realize how to find the best of juices and how to define the weak players on the market. Any case, you can always count on us and take it from one of our machines at the press of a button. We can guarantee, you will not regret! 😉

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