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Craving wholesome, healthy food through healthy vending machines in London?

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Stop sacrificing your health for convenience

Here at The Jar, our mission is a simple one. Beginning initially as a small group of like minded students who were tired of the same unattractive sandwiches for lunch at our university, we decided to take it upon ourselves to create a range of healthy vending machines in London which enabled ourselves and our peers to enjoy wholesome, healthy food conveniently at a reasonable price. Nowadays, more than ever, people are waking up to the importance of maintaining healthy lifestyles.

That being said, finding healthy snacks at a reasonable price - without making strenuous treks across town - is often harder than you may think. Thus the temptation to settle for another damp ‘cheese’ sandwich from the university vending machine often takes precedent in the name of time-saving. This sacrifice of health for convenience is something which we decided to take action against, and have since been working tirelessly to design a range of healthy vending machines in London which allow anyone to have access to tasty, responsibly sourced and healthy snacks whenever they require them.

What is in healthy vending machines in London?

Whilst having a tried and tested health food cafe from which you get your lunch at university may work for some of us, the prices of such establishments rarely reflect the student budget. Another drawback of this method of getting a nutritious meal is that the hours don’t always necessarily align with many students’ schedules. This again leads to the temptation of settling for a packet of crisps and a chemically juiced-up sandwich, which can lead to a lagging sense of concentration and an unnecessary calorie intake.

Thankfully, here at The Jar we have the answer. Our healthy vending machine range provides users the ability to satisfy their cravings with a range of snacks which are all both delicious and healthy. It is our aim to cater to all tastes and diets, including vegan, kosher, sugar free and gluten free palates, whenever cravings arise - regardless of what time of the day it may be. We understand that appetites do not necessarily follow the traditional ‘three meals a day’ time frame, and that many people work untraditional hours burning the midnight oil, and our healthy vending machines provide those who need it with the fuel.

The MK1 vending machine

The MK1 model was the original healthy vending machine which we designed, and as such we felt it was important that it had a presence amongst its inferior, outdated predecessors in the halls of universities, gyms and offices alike. With its sleek, stylish aluminium structure, the MK1 is a fully self-refrigerated, remotely monitored vending machine which puts all others to shame. With a 21” ultra high-resolution touch screen and its contactless and mobile-payment compatibility, getting healthy food at any hour has never been easier. Our mission to provide healthy food here at The Jar does not end there. We are also committed to promoting sustainability and are dedicated to environmental consciousness. Therefore all cutlery and packaging which is used throughout all our machines is made using biodegradable materials where possible, to minimise our carbon footprint and do all we can to help the world which we love.

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