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Buy healthy vending machine UK, London and stand out from the crowd

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK

Seeing the same old products being offered in food machines day after day can leave people feeling bored and unexcited when it comes to buying snacks on the go. Some people refrain from buying food on the go because they do not want to consume unhealthy foods that are high in sugar and salt. At The Jar, our dream is to provide everyone with healthy snacks and meals whilst they are on the go that are just as tasty as other unhealthier options. Choosing to buy healthy vending machine UK, London for your business will dramatically increase the range of food that you have to offer to your staff or customers, and promoting healthy eating options is what could make you stand out from the crowd. We offer a multitude of products and will carefully monitor your customers’ payments and product preferences to ensure that we are stocking the products that are in demand.

Energy efficient and eco-friendly wherever we can be

When you make the decision to buy healthy vending machine UK, London you can feel good that you are hiring a machine that is doing its bit to help protect the environment. All of the cutlery that is provided by us is wood based and completely biodegradable, reducing the amount of plastic that is used when it comes to eating food on the go. You can be rest assured that your electric bill will not fly through the roof either as all of our machines are energy efficient. You can even have it set so that your machines are on a set timer, using less energy and making them more sustainable over all. Instead of discarding your unbought products that are no longer able to be sold without a second thought, we have a partnership with Too Good To Go where we aim to sell the remainders of your stock. Anything that does not get sold will then be donated to local charities.

No costs for you and your business, ever

Some people think that obtaining and maintaining vending machines can be expensive, but when you buy healthy vending machine UK, London, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that you will need to pay absolutely nothing for installation or maintenance. We cover all the costs, will ensure that your machine is kept clean and well stocked and even provide twenty-four hour monitoring where we can keep an eye on the temperature and stock levels of your machine amongst other things. We will know when to come out to your premises to replenish your products, and over time we will be able to tell which products are most popular amongst your customers. This will enable us to customise the number of products within your machine to reflect the needs of your customers, so they will always be able to purchase their favourite snack. The only thing we ask from you is that you have a three pin plug socket and at least one square metre of space for our machine so it can become an important part of your business as soon as possible.

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