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Are You Ready For Autumn Detox?

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Summer is always the time of self-reflection and so far the only and most common period for detox marathons and express diet plans. We've got to admit, there is strong motivation though, everyone wants the perfect beach body. But why would anyone detox during autumn? Actually, if we consider the health aspect of body cleanse, then such practice should be done at least four times a year or with every change of season. How do you do that when all anyone wants to do by the end of warm sunny months is to cuddle up and start the hibernation till spring again. Brace yourself since winter is coming, right? Well, The Jar Healthy Vending team wants to change your mind on that. You can be both productive and happy during colder days and body cleanse will definitely help you with that!

If you are still not sure that you need to undergo the stress of detox on top of changing weather, let’s have a look at the top 3 reasons why you should detox during fall. We will also show you that healthy food can be as delicious as healthy.


Autumn is the time of ultimate cleanse – autumn sales, falling leaves and body detox. To protect yourself from seasonal colds, make fall your perfect time to boost up the immune system. Here are some super strong immune-boosters which are always available at The Jar Healthy Vending machines:


Autumn means less sunshine, vitamin D and therefore energy. But wait, we still need a clear mind and will to compete with everyday chaos and environmental changes. Detox during fall time helps to clear out the toxins that consume a lot of energy and keeps us feeling positive during gloomy days. Healthy food, in turn, charges us with all the necessary vitamins and supports our everyday productivity. Citrus fruits supply you with one-sixth of the daily dose of vitamin D. And what works better and faster than usual juice? Concentrated shot! Try our PRESS range of Super Shots including Turmeric Lemon and Ginger Cayenne Lemon that will keep you energised throughout the day.


Experts say that fall detox should be purposeful. Focus on the lungs and stomach, since these parts of our body are believed to be linked to skin issues and breathing problems, the most common troubles during colder months. To make fall detox successful and support the mucus-free stomach, limit sugars, flours, dairy and alcohol. Of course, seasonal spices like cinnamon are good both for our health and flavour of the food. With the change of season our taste and food we consume also changes. Fresh veggies turn into hearty meals. The best fall food that goes perfect with autumn detox are apples, beets, leafy greens and lemon. Try our Beetroot Quinoa and Tahini Pollen and Grace lunch, PRESS Clean Beet pressed juice or super green smoothie from PRESS.

We also prepared this small test to check whether you are ready for detox or not. Add one point if you experience any of the following:

If you got more than 5, you should definitely think about detoxing this coming autumn. Our The Jar Healthy Vending team will do our best to help you with that!

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