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Are you looking to buy a healthy vending machine?

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

The healthy option

Nowadays it is increasingly important that we all look after ourselves, and put a little bit more focus on what we eat and how it can affect us. That being said at The Jar we recognise that convenience is the main reason that most people end up munching crisps and chocolate bars throughout their work breaks. In response to this we have taken it upon ourselves to offer a whole new take on vending machine snack foods, by offering a healthy alternative which is equally convenient and delicious. Our expertly engineered, high-tech machines have been designed to be easily used and compatible with contactless pay, as well as mobile devices. Anyone who is looking to offer their workforce or school something different should buy healthy vending machine in the UK from our team here at The Jar.

The original

The MK1 was the first healthy vending machine which we designed here at The Jar. It is a self- cooling, refrigerated, remotely-monitored dispensing machine which features a 21” intractable screen, alongside a sleek, stylish aluminium exterior. It is one of our most popular models for those looking to buy healthy vending machine in the UK because of its easy-to-use set up, which only requires the use of a traditional three-pronged socket and nothing else. This, alongside its compact and convenient size, makes it a solid, reliable option for those who are looking to purchase a healthy vending machine.

The MK 2 model

Another popular model for anyone who wishes to buy healthy vending machine in the UK is the MK 2, the successor to the original model, and built to be slimmer. This machine features an even higher resolution touch screen which is 41”, which makes it the perfect place to put advertisements for products which are available or information about your services. The MK 2 also features an on-screen, dietary requirement filter system which lets users browse through options catered for allergies or preferences, such as vegetarian and vegan food, or gluten free choices. The MK 2 can be stocked with any products of the user’s choosing, or just relax and let us keep them maintained with a wide range of drinks, snacks and meal options - it’s entirely dependent on the needs of the customer. This particular model is also wheelchair accessible and displays all of the nutritional content of the foods clearly on screen for the user to see.

The MK 3

The MK 3 model is an amalgamation of the best features of both its predecessors and features the same storage capacity as the MK 2, but still being more compact in size. It is entirely self- managed and maintained, and all models are operated alongside their own manager who is on hand to deal with any servicing, and ensure that the machine remains well stocked throughout the day. Another feature of the MK 3 is its telemetry connectivity and full monitoring system, as well as having the ability to be timer controlled in order to minimise wasted energy supply, which saves the user money, and contributes to a more environmentally friendly world.

The Jar Healthy Vending also now provides a smart fridge! Interested to learn more? :)

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