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Advantages of healthy vending machines for your business

As more people return to the office following the 2020 pandemic, it can be hard to make the workspace feel as comfortable as home. If you are an employer who has a lot of younger people on your staff, you may find that they have concerns about the environment. One of the ways you can ensure that their concerns are met, along with helping to keep them in better physical shape, is to consider a vending machine that only offers healthy snacks.

Yes, such things do exist! And at The Jar - Healthy Vending, we are proud to be able to offer these vending machines to our clients

Healthy vending machines in London are what our team takes seriously, and by having one in your own office or workspace, you can ensure that everybody on your team receives healthy snacks and that you as a company will save money in the long term. What's not to like about that?

However, you may have some concerns that having one of our healthy vending machines in London will not reap the benefits that you want for your workforce. So in this article, our team discusses some of the advantages of having one of our vending machines in your workplace.

Happier workforce

It goes without saying that diet and mood are linked. If your office staff are eating crisps all day and drinking sodas, their mood is likely going to be low, which can lead to an increase in disputes. Our healthy vending machines in London only offer foods which are high in vitamins and low in sugar. Many of our current clients have reported that their staff are generally happier and more productive since the arrival of our vending machines in the workplace, so this may be worth looking into, potentially to alleviate tensions.

Healthier workforce

Nobody wants to have a sick staff member, especially if they are a senior member of the team and as you can guess if you have staff who consume healthier foods, they are less likely to get sick. Meaning that they will take fewer sick days and that workplace productivity will go up.

Lower carbon footprint

Many businesses are under fire in 2022 for their carbon footprint. By hiring or buying one of our vending machines, you can rest assured that your carbon footprint will not increase. We have designed our machines to use as little energy as possible, (590 watts, the same as a household fridge) and can assure you that our machines will not increase your company's electric bill, thus lowering your carbon footprint.

Sends a message

If you are a company that needs to attract clients, by having one of our green, healthy vending machines in your lobby, you are sending a very important message. This is that you care very much about the planet, and the health of your staff, which is a very good message to send out!

Low costs!

We can offer our vending machines on a short-term contract (6 months) which you can then increase if you wish to. The machines that we can provide are cheap to rent and as mentioned earlier, they will not increase the electricity bill in the workplace. So you will have a healthier, happier staff at minimal cost to you.

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