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Shots battle with The Jar Healthy Vending

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Shots, shots, shots everybody!

That’s the Saturday vibe, right? At the Jar - Healthy Vending we know how to party till there is no tomorrow but that’s another story to tell. And, actually, there is no tomorrow for most of us after a heavy drinking night out. One of those tough mornings after made us think like “Why don’t we try something different this Weekend?” That’s how we decided to substitute our regular bar shots with something a bit healthier.

Kamikaze Shot vs Ginger Shot

Healthy Vending in London, UK

You know that party hard mood and you are all the way up for some kamikaze shots. Pouring slowly into shaker “oh, so dangerous” vodka, adding some triple sec liquor and finishing off with lime – what a recipe for tomorrow’s hangover. We recommend trying another killer mixture by Press London called Ginger Super Shot. Sour and bitter it will perfectly well substitute alcoholic drink for the night. We bet it is even harder to swallow a ginger shot that a kamikaze one. Will you accept this challenge?

Only one caution! Next morning you might actually wake up with boosted immune health instead of hangover!

Passion Fruit Shot vs Turmeric Shot

Healthy Vending in London, UK

Who does not like passion fruit shots? Do you even know this person? Who does not like 10 passion fruit shots? And the last question is who will wake up fresh and shine after that tenner? We bet the answer will be the same for each of those questions – no one. Vodka/ tequila based drink diluted with some passion fruit juice is a hit after midnight at any London club. Dropping £5-10 every time you order one more to make yourself feel more confident, Sunday morning will probably be the funeral for both your kidney and your wallet.

The Jar’s advice: try rather taking Turmeric Lemon by Press on the daily basis instead of 10 Saturday’s passion fruit shots in a row and see how different the result will be. Glow skin and great digestion as well as money saved for some nice dinner instead of bags under eyes coming with extra expenditures on morning ibuprofen cravings.

Pama Shot vs Pomegranate Shot

Healthy Vending in London, UK

Pama or more known as pomegranate-flavored liqueur shot is a rare find even in London bars. So, this is the drink for those who like to have that note of extravaganza on their table. Usually goes straight with no additional ingredients but the results is still somehow the same when you go for a few of them. Wanted to order something new at the bar but ended up sipping on the liqueur?

Next time just go for Pure Earth “What a shootie” where pomegranate is the main ingredient as well. Fortunately, this small elixir also come together with lemon for keeping you strong this Autumn and some great superfoods as acai and goji which benefit lists are endless. You think alcohol makes you feel good? How about those nutrition buzzwords: “organic”, “vegan”, “gluten free” all in just one small shot? Doesn’t it sound better than: “calories”, “migraines” and “no energy” after the alcohol analog?

Of course, at The Jar Healthy Vending we respect everyone: drinkers (cause sometimes we also are ones) and definitely not drinkers. Our post today has only one intention: to end that Sunday hangover and actually spend your day off productively. Drink responsibly or even better: drink our healthy shots, we can ensure you - no headache will reach you tomorrow morning!

Great weekend from The Jar’s Team!

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