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Healthy vending machines in London - The Age of Convenience

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

As time goes by, technology advances and cultures shift. VHS tapes gave way to DVD’s, who have subsequently been made redundant by digital downloads and streaming. The common denominator is usually convenience, as whatever makes life easier tends to become dominant. This is particularly evident in the manner in which we choose to obtain and consume food. Unfortunately, more convenient doesn’t always translate to better quality, as is often the case with fast food.

Healthy vending machines in London, UK
The Jar - Healthy Vending have an array of delicious healthy options to take your fancy

Healthy Vending Machines in London - The Renaissance of The Vending Machine

Seen by many as an antiquated food source, and one that would only yield unhealthy snacks such as chocolate bars and crisps, the vending industry is having something of a renaissance thanks in part to the The Jar's new range of vending machines. They’re stocked with fresh, wholesome and nutritious meals, catering for all tastes, challenging people’s perception of what vending machines have to offer.

Vending Machine Advantages v Delivery

The Jar - Healthy Vending are here to mount a challenge against the vast dominance of the online food ordering platforms, who seem to have monopolized the fast food market.

An argument might be the sheer amount of choice available online - a valid point, as it’s safe to say that there is more variety in the expansive online world than what you can fit into a vending machine. However, The Jar - Healthy Vending offer a surprisingly large array of dishes, and at any given time will more than likely be stocked with something to tickle your fancy. They also alter what they stock, so there will always be a new option to try at your nearest healthy vending machine.

No Photo Deception

In the age of Instagram and Tinder, we should all be aware by now that photographs can be deceptive - Their vending machines eradicates the element of risk that a photograph or an illustration might not live up to expectation, as they showcase their delicious healthy meals right in front of your eyes.

A Need for Speed

Another favourable aspect to these new healthy vending machines, is that there will be no lag between ordering your food and getting stuck into your meal - it’s just a click and drop away.

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