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Healthy Christmas tips from The Jar Healthy Vending

Updated: Jan 20, 2023


The Jar Healthy Vending team just can’t get enough of Christmas mood this year. You have already read our recommendations about healthy foods for festive moods.

Are your ready to have “all you can eat” dinner of the year? Right, we mean Christmas dinner of the year. As we all got tired of science and work we thought to make this post more fun and entertaining with the new edition of healthy foodie memes. Let us just share the reminder of how to support your healthy habits when everything is so tempting on the table and laziness craving are for real.

1. Do not overeat

We are not even talking about eating green and healthy over here. Just please remind yourself that overeating does ruin your healthy eating routine and body. At the Jar Healthy Vending we say: “Once you go “can I have one more portion?” you never come back”.

2. Go for a walk

Feeling this way after holidays?

Don’t forget you will also be feeling this way after..

Of course, you should not pressure yourself too much during the days off and go all the way into intensive cardio and weights training. Instead make it more of a pleasure: invite your closets ones and go for long friendly-paced walk.

3. Get your green juice

Don’t forget to keep yourself together and drink the green juice every morning that will help your body to boost metabolism and recover from the big feast of the year. Just do not try to go crazy on that and make it straight away into juice detox if you are not prepared for it. Slowly but consistently green juice will show you the difference.

In case you feel too lazy for making your own just grab your bottle of a green elixir by PRESS London at The Jar Healthy Vending Machine.

4. Have some rest

One thing we always underrate is our precious sleep. We have already talked about your sleeping routine in our biohacking series and how vital for our body to have enough rest for normal functioning. But we all have those too busy to be true days before the holidays so just get some time to recover your sleep this Christmas.

5. Be grateful

Christmas is a great period before the New Year to sit down and think of all the things that have happened to you throughout the year. Remember positive and negative experiences, analyze them but only take the good lessons from them. Leave all the sadness and anger behind and be grateful to what life has brought you. Get yourself ready to step with fresh and clean mind into 2020.

We hope you will take our advices with you these holidays, so let us know how it goes!

Don’t forget that the Jar Healthy Vending team is not finishing with the Christmas mood over here and we will come back with our very special edition next Tuesday!

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