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3 Ways How The Jar Healthy Vending Can Transform Any Space + Bonus!

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Offices, co-working spaces, schools can easily become something like a second home. We spend an enormous amount of time in the working environment, being immersed in constantly changing and never-ending tasks.

While juggling work and leisure is hard, trying to balance work and a healthy lifestyle is even harder at times. Too bad, because healthy nutrition is the universal life-hack to a fulfilling life and better results at work, sport and studies. A vicious cycle, huh?

That’s where The Jar Healthy Vending comes to the rescue. Our primary goal is to bring the most out of innovation and healthy nutrition symbiosis to the places of concentrated physical and mental activities.

But how actually a small vending machine can bring any substantial change?

Healthy Vending in London, UK.

Space optimiser

- How to get into the state of working flow?

- Turn off phone notifications, remove distractions, declutter your workspace.

The environment has a bigger impact on us than we might think. Excess things in our surroundings consciously and subconsciously affect our abilities to focus and process information.

So how to bring a huge distraction – snacks - to the workspace without making it a trigger? Optimise workspace the right way.

The Jar Healthy Vending, with its modern design and compact size, blends perfectly into any terrain and can be a productivity enhancer in disguise. All that you need is just a square metre of space and an electric socket to get the maximum supplies to support your healthy daily nutrition effortlessly.

Healthy reminder

Psychologists say, that our environment highly affects our behaviour and decisions. Meaning that our habits whether good or bad depend on external triggers.

When your body starts sending you hungry signals there is a higher chance to munch on whatever that is closer insight. Watch out, what if it’s some sugar-loaded artificial additives infused sandwich?

Alternatively, imagine that our healthy hub with many choices of healthy drinks and snacks can be at your disposal at any time of day? Who knows, The Jar Healthy Vending might be just the right trigger to kick start and support your healthier lifestyle.

Hassle-free healthy snack hub

It can be slightly off-putting to spend your time looking for a perfect lunch. And what worse, never finding anything that satisfies your taste just to end up with the standard set of crisps and a chocolate bar.

We do take care of our customers and carefully consider your preferences and choices. The Jar Healthy Vending machine’s software allows to collect sales statistics and monitor the status of the vending unit.

See, it is our duty to bring the best food that satisfies the cravings and supply you with goodies that are in high demand at your specific place.

With The Jar Healthy Vending, you can save a lot of time planning out your balanced diet and juggle work and healthy lifestyle easily.


Share your ideas with our team and tell us where you think The Jar Healthy Vending will be an irreplaceable companion. The most creative idea will get a healthy prize from our team!

Healthy Vending in London, UK.

Let's bring the innovation on!

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