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Why should you choose our healthy vending machines from the Jar?

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

At the heart of most workplaces and offices is the vending machine.

Simple to choose from, these options have existed since the ’80s but have often lacked the quality of foods needed to ensure good nutrition and the well-being of workers. And bad nutritional input equates to poorer work!

At the Jar, our healthy vending machines in London are about more than simply providing snacks. They are about offering affordable, healthy snacks to workers while also reducing CO2 emissions and offering sustainable alternatives to plastic cutlery and steering away from traditional ‘junk’ based vending snacks. Great stuff!

Why else should you choose our healthy vending machines in London for your workspace? Here are 5 reasons we can think of!

Different designs to match your setting

An interesting feature of our healthy vending machines in London is that we can colour match them to your venue or workplace.

Our MK 3 machine combines the best features of both the MK 1 and MK 2, but are slimmer and can thus be fitted into a smaller area, making it the ultimate design chic for your work environment.

To find out more about the colours that we can offer, call our team at the Jar!

Contactless options

Long gone are the days of fumbling around for coins to buy snacks.

All of our vending machines come with a contactless option, allowing you to pay for your snacks easily and to minimise the spread of germs. After 2020, that's a very desirable feature of any food outlet!

Environmentally friendly

There has been a greater emphasis in recent times put onto environmentally friendly options and our team at the Jar have taken heed and adapted our machines to reduce waste and carbon emissions.

When you buy from one of our machines, you will be offered biodegradable, wood-based cutlery as part of our promise to reduce plastics. Our machines operate with better efficiency than a standard household fridge, so you can rest assured that while our designs are stunning and large, they are not harming the planet.

Remote reloading

A key reason why we can operate our machines with such high efficiency is that they are monitored remotely; you won't need to open and close our vending machines to check on stock!

Our team will be able to monitor your machines stock levels, temperature and of course, keep an eye out for any issues without needing to visit your office or workspace. We will only drop in if we detect low stock levels, allowing you to focus on running your business and allowing us to keep your staff fed and happy. Great!

Fresh food

An interesting feature of our healthy machines is that we are also able to offer fresh foods like vegetables and fruit.

How do we do this? Our machines are equipped with specific software which allows us to keep an eye on the temperature of each machine at all times, optimising it to keep those tasty greens fresh and delectable at all times.

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