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Want a way to look after your workforce? The benefits of health-based vending machines

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Vending machines have long been seen as a quick and convenient way to get snacks if you are too busy to wait in line, as they are a common sight in most workplaces, venues, gyms and cafeterias.

Of course, as is often the way with convenience foods, traditional vending machines tend to sell produce that is high in sugar, salts and fats. While these are tasty and a great pick-me-up if staff or students are working late, long term consumption of these products is detrimental to health and can lead to diabetes, tooth decay and other unpleasant conditions.

But, rather than get rid of the vending machine altogether, many businesses are now opting to choose healthy vending machines in London, which offer convenience and healthy snacks in one convenient bundle.

If you run a small business or are a manager of a team who frequently work long hours, there are many advantages to purchasing healthy vending machines in London for your employees.

healthy vending machines in London, UK


We have all seen it happen one way or another. A person eats a sugary snack like a chocolate bar and is productive for about 45 minutes. Due to the inevitable drop in blood sugar that follows on, they then become lethargic and unfocused. As a result, their output drops and you, as their boss, may feel frustrated. When eating foods supplied from healthy vending machines in London, blood sugar stays at a consistent level for longer, avoiding sudden drop-offs. This means your team will be productive for longer, without drops in their output or energy.

Less stress

A common scene depicted in the media (for good reason) is the sight of stressed-out office workers drinking copious amounts of black coffee. Like the sugary snacks, coffee and other caffeinated beverages offer an easy way to become stimulated, but long term, these drinks can create stress due to dehydration, muscle cramps and fast heart rates. This naturally is not a pleasant working environment. Offering your employees fruit and water-based beverages will naturally increase their productivity and their hydration while also reducing their stress, making the working environment more pleasant.

Healthy workforce

A happy worker is a busy worker! If your staff is knocking back salt-based snacks, it is unlikely that they will feel any physical or psychological benefits. Snacks high in fibre, water content and natural sugars provide psychological benefits to those who consume them, due to gut flora and serotonin production. In other words, with healthier snacks, your workforce will literally feel better, will be happier and will work more efficiently.

Fewer sick days

While employers cannot control what their employees do when they leave the workplace, if they provide them with healthy options in the office, it can have a remarkable impact on their overall health. More fruits, fibres and proteins boost the immune system, meaning that your workforce will be less inclined to take sick days due to illness or stress. In cases of common mental illnesses, healthy foods create more of the feel-good chemicals dopamine and serotonin, meaning your team will need less time off to manage their mental health. Perfect!

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