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The use of healthy vending machines to promote good health

Vending machines are known for their convenience and accessibility, providing a variety of snacks for when hunger strikes, but time is limited and with approximately half a million vending machines in the UK vending several billion items a year, they are obviously highly popular. Unfortunately conventional vending machines supply snacks which are high in sugar, high in sodium, and high in fat, but low in nutritional value and generally bad for your health. Over time continuous snacking on such food products, including chocolates, crisps and fizzy drinks can lead to many health issues. Obesity is already a significant issue in young children and adults here in the UK. Poor dietary choices such as a chocolate bar and a packet of crisps washed down with a bottle of fizzy drink in place of a warm cooked meal, on a regular basis, can result in obesity, diabetes, indigestion and heartburn, and eventually cardiovascular disease.

The benefits of healthy vending machines

It is important that we all take into consideration what we are eating, its nutritional value and how it is affecting our health. A healthy diet is key to overall well-being and if your venue or workplace has a conventional vending machine then it is time to consider replacing it with a healthy vending machine. Here at The Jar - Healthy Vending we are proud to present our excellent healthy vending machines in London.

Our healthy vending machines in London replace sugary chocolate bars, salty crisps and fizzy drinks with delicious, wholesome and nutritious snacks, fresh fruit, fruit juices and healthy meal options. We offer three different variations of our healthy vending machines in London which are all refrigerated to enable fresh food and drinks to be served. Our suppliers have been individually selected and either you can customise your selection according to your preferences or we will offer a selection of delicious snacks and drinks which you may wish to continue or tailor on a regular basis according to customer demand.

Our healthy vending machines in London can be remotely monitored so we will maintain stock levels on your behalf, make sure that the vending machine is restocked accordingly. We can check expiry dates of all products, bringing forward and offering price reductions for those with short expiry dates to make sure there is no wastage. Our healthy vending machines are just as easy and convenient for your customers as they are for you. Snacks and drinks are tasty and affordable with plenty of options to choose from. All our vending machines have large high definition touch screens which list all the products with their ingredients, allergy advice, nutritional information and price. The customers simply make their selection, pay using a contactless card or Apple or Google pay and enjoy their food! Speak to us at The Jar - Healthy Vending and find out more about our 3 different healthy vending machines and together we can decide which is the most suitable for your office or venue. All you need is a plug point and 1m² of space for the machine, and you will be able to offer a wonderful selection of healthy food and drinks for the people around you.

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