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The Jar Retreat Coming Soon

You have already heard about yoga passion. You have read our The Jar Team’s hobbies post, right? With the support of our boss Iruii one more yoga dream of mine came true - first yoga retreat. I thought this could be a great story to share and tell you why The Jar - Healthy Vending is not only about healthy machines, it is also about healthy spirit!

The story starts with Youtube around one year when our colleague and same time friend Adel has proposed to me to start doing yoga. She sent me a few videos and I was like ‘alright, we have a lockdown now and maybe I can try’....

Disclaimer: I used to be absolutely sure that yoga was only for slow people… And I was more like Barry’s king of person.

That is how this love has started and since then has only grown bigger. I ended up doing the same video for about three months till I got to the point where I wanted to do that 7 am yoga one day. I used to do it before every year. Once a year I would go for a 7 am yoga class and that would be it. Not this time though. I was shocked to find myself going for two 7 am classes per week straight for a month. And we were no longer in lockdown, I was free to do whatever I wanted.

The further the better I ended up finding my private Hatha teacher and started to practice with her 3 times per week at 7 am. Tell me that 2 years ago and I would seriously laugh. At some point I have been even doing everyday classes at 7 am.

Even a regular practice seemed somehow not enough for me, so I have started to think of something bigger. I have always wanted to make my own yoga retreat, my problem, however, was that I hated yoga. Now it all came in place :D

I have been planning it with some great help from my other yogie bear friend and everyday support of our all time favourite boss Iruii. It was all ready to kick off in early March but another lockdown and no possibility to travel made us wait.

Two weeks ago I officially took the idea and brought it to life. And the greatest thing was the support of my colleagues Iruii and Adel who never stopped believing this could be possible. Now after our test retreat in Prague is done, The Jar - Healthy Vending team is ready to have one in London. Boss approved🙏❤️🕉

By that time my next challenge will be to become not only the retreat’s chef but also to lead the practice.

Let’s see how well this new crazy idea will go <3

So will keep you posted on the dates this summer!

Your The Jar - Healthy Vending Team🌱

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