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The Jar Healthy Vending On Guard Of Seasonal Colds

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Yes, it’s this time of the year again. Snooze button, stuffy nose and lack of motivation – sounds familiar?

Seems like you have fallen a victim to the seasonal colds. No matter how hard we try to stay out of this inevitable merry-go-round of cough, sore throat and runny nose – this office seasonal influx of sneezing sprouts of infection makes it nearly impossible.

And while we all know the classic miracles of chicken soup and vitamin C, how about a more profound insight into less popular and natural remedies for a healthy immune system this fall?

The Jar Healthy Vending prepared a list of foods which will soothe the first symptoms of cold and might even help you to stay out of this nightmare of low productivity and constant fatigue.

Root vegetables

The bright colour of most root vegetables must have been the hint from mother nature. In the season of gloomy skies, beta-carotene infused orange veggies like carrots and sweet potatoes are our primary sources of vitamin A and C. Keep your sore throat and nasal congestion under control with carrots and sweet potatoes.

The Jar Healthy Vending has lots of options for you. Our Pollen and Grace carrot and turmeric meal with roasted cayenne chickpeas, carrots, kale, quinoa and a creamy turmeric dressing or a Super Salad with roasted sweet potato wedges, black beans, beetroot salsa and a creamy chipotle dressing with all the goodness will sure work better than Panadol.


Probably not the most popular veggie, but definitely a very powerful one. The crunchy and sweet plant is a source of vitamin C which has been traditionally taken to help boost the immune system, fight colds, aches and pains. But not only that, it is believed to affect the work of blood cells in a way that makes the harmful bacteria banish more efficiently.

And as a drink, it’s a perfect detox option. Our menu happened to have one such health elixir – our No. 1 Fennel Water. Next time you feel like that co-worker’s sneeze was deployed straight at you – The Jar Healthy Vending trove of immune boosters is always at your disposal.


In many Nordic cultures, a bowl of oatmeal is the secret to strong health and wellness. Well, with all the beta-glucans it is not surprising that such food bolsters the immune system and helps your body to heal faster. Folks who live in countries where sun comes out once in a year should know what they are doing up there. Especially with additional antioxidant boosters like berries, this may be the perfect dessert-like treat from all the infections.

At The Jar Healthy Vending, we have healthy oatmeal porridges with Cacao Raspberry and Cherry Almond from Pollen and Grace which will sure not only taste delicious but will become your inner shield from the unwanted viruses.

If you ask our team what we do to stay healthy and positive throughout the cold months - we say balanced diets and lots of drinks. Especially shots. To see which shots we are talking about, check out last week’s article.

If there is no sun - be the sunshine!

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