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The Jar - Healthy Vending joined Adidas City Run challenge to support a local charity

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Perhaps, it goes without saying that exercise and a balanced diet are the pillars of good health and wellbeing. Recipes, tips, instructions are all over the place, but yet our commitment at times might be more of a circumstantial incentive rather than an ingrained habit. At least for most of us, the choice is always there. For some, however, such choice does not exist, despite the fact that good health is most probably an individual’s most important asset and a human right. And this is the problem.

We at The Jar Healthy Vending believe that sometimes healthy lifestyle takes just a little bit more than nutritious meals, snacks and a few reps and sets at the gym. As we strive for the improvement of healthy vending and availability of better choices for you, we realise that good quality food should be accessible to everyone including those who are in less advantageous positions. Because poverty and hunger should never be left unnoticed.

Which is why, The Jar Healthy Vending team decided to put forth a little effort to promote the common good by participating in the Adidas City Run in London, and support an amazing charity Food For All that has been upholding the right to nutritious meals for the underprivileged and homeless since 1988, while also fighting the food waste.

Healthy vending machines in London, UK
The Jar Healthy Vending team at the Adidas City Run 1 Hour. Rise to the challenge!

We have to say, the Adidas City Run 1 Hour stepped up the game by bringing innovation and drive to running, with the perfect location in the centre of the city and a new system, which measures the distance that each athlete can undertake in one hour. And it is not a secret that our team loves all things innovative. So, rather symbolically, how far did we go?

Besides finishing the challenge, which it definitely was for not such big fans of running like us, we organised fundraising to contribute to a few great causes which so often stay off the grid – poverty, hunger and food waste. To donate now, visit our Facebook page to find a JustGiving link or simply scan the QR code below!

Why it matters:

Most of us are familiar with the scope of poverty and hunger issue, some might have even helped the needy or help on a regular basis, which is of course wonderful. The matter of food waste, however, might not always have the spotlight it deserves, despite the sheer magnitude of it. When we say magnitude, we mean one-third of the globally produced food for human consumption being lost or wasted every year. This is approximately 1.3 billion tonnes, according to the United Nations. Rather disturbing, isn’t it?

We at The Jar Healthy Vending, are as concerned about sustainable management of food, as for the quality of our product range. When we talk about healthy living, we’ve got to keep it eco-friendly in every way possible.

Why Food For All:

Food For All is a London based non-profit organisation which shares thousands of free, healthy meals with the homeless and disadvantaged on a daily basis. On top of that, the meals are vegetarian, healthy and are prepared from the over-stocked or wasted produce, meaning that there are several little steps at once towards helping the global causes. And, yeah, FFA also helps homeless people to build stability by developing new skills to improve their living. Basically, it is a total win-win.

How you can be a part of something bigger:

We at The Jar Healthy Vending would literally run an extra mile to support the great cause. For someone who is not particularly into running, this is already somewhat of a challenge. But with every little extra effort, there are much brighter opportunities opening up.

If you are on our team and believe that little things come a long way, join The Jar Healthy Vending fundraising and support the fantastic charity and our little endeavour. Something that may seem like a drop in the ocean, is always more than just that.

Healthy vending machines in London, UK

Healthy vending machines in London, UK
Simply scan the QR code or visit our Facebook page to donate directly to Food For All.


Our fundraising is supported by JustGiving. Donating through them is simple, fast and totally secure. With JustGiving your details are completely safe - they'll never sell them on or send unwanted emails. On top of that, your money go directly to the charity! It is not only an efficient way to donate, but it also saves you time and cuts costs for the charity.

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