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The Jar - Healthy Vending: healthy vending machines in London

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

When people are hungry, it’s easy to make less favourable food choices, in terms of health and nutrition. When blood sugars are low and you’ve got a million and one other things to do at work, you can’t just rustle up a tasty stir fry like you could at home. Relying on vending machines to get a quick fix is a completely commonplace occurrence - that’s why they exist. So, if we told you that you could find healthy vending machines in London and have them in your workplace for free, that would be great, right?

At The Jar - Healthy Vending, we pride ourselves on providing healthy vending machines in London that contain snacks, meals and drinks that are low in salt and sugar, and have vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. We want people to step away from the chocolate-fix that will leave you starving again soon afterwards, and turn to wholesome, nourishing food that packs a punch in your hunger pangs and sends them flying!

Our machines

All of our machines are touchscreen and have contactless payment. We deliver and install them for free. We stock them with amazing meals, snacks and drinks and we monitor them 24/7 to keep an eye on stock levels and buying trends. We then fill them up with a bespoke range to suit your people! By the way, did we mention this is all free? We also keep working with our suppliers to ensure that the food we fill the vending machines with are meeting our healthy standards.


By making smart choices on what you eat and drink, it can help improve and maintain levels of energy and concentration. Whatever your setting, we know that these things matter. Whether you’re in an office or a school, everybody should be functioning on full power and that’s what great nutrition enables.

Our food and drinks come from some of the big names like Deliciously Ella to DA-SH. Being healthy doesn’t compromise on flavour either. They’re big names because they taste so great, but are super healthy and nutritious too. There’s no denying that these products are so good because of their taste and their convenience - that’s why we love them and we think you will too!

Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK

The humble sandwich can actually be quite calorific, when you consider that dry bread alone can be around a 100 calories a slice. Why not switch to aromatic oregano, fennel and aubergine ratatouille with kale and lemon scented quinoa, which is only 50 calories per 100g? Yes, we know it sounds like food that could be listed on a menu in a great restaurant, but who doesn’t want to eat like a king every day, for a much more reasonable vending machine price?!

The Jar

We have established the business as a group of friends who were tired of eating the same foods every day and - sorry, sandwiches! - we didn’t want to keep eating sandwiches filled with chemical additives. We believe that eating convenience food shouldn’t compromise on quality and nutrition. Join us - for free - and transform your workplace eating habits with us. What have you got to lose? It certainly won’t be pounds of the sterling variety.

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