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The benefits of healthy vending machines

Vending machines are ideal for providing a boost of energy in the middle of the day or between meals, when you are in a rush, bored or simply looking for something to eat or drink. There are thousands of vending machines conveniently located in most public places whether you are at school, work, having fun, shopping or indulging in other daily activities. The only problem is what is inside the vending machine. Traditional vending machines are full of unhealthy chocolate bars, salty crisps and fizzy drinks. If you have a vending machine on your premises then you need to think about what you are offering the customers of the vending machine. These customers may be your students, your colleagues, your employees, or they may be the general public.

Traditional vending machines vs healthy vending

If your old vending machine is full of chocolates, crisps and fizzy drinks then it is important that you speak to us at The Jar sooner rather than later and find out about replacing your vending machine with one of our healthy vending machines London. Traditional vending machines are responsible for people making unhealthy food choices. When presented with brightly coloured, attractively packaged chocolate, crisps and drink it is often hard to resist. If the options are healthy and nutritious then the customer is able to enjoy a yummy treat without having a detrimental effect on their health. Over time unhealthy snacks and drinks result in weight gain, obesity and other chronic illnesses. Sugary snacks and drinks increase your chance of developing type two diabetes, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. They can affect your dental health, they can cause gastrointestinal issues such as heartburn, acid reflux, indigestion and they can affect your mental health and wellbeing. Healthy nutritious treats, combined with fruit juices and milk drinks on the other hand promote better health and wellbeing. They improve your digestive system, they can reduce cholesterol levels, reduce blood pressure and in turn reduce the chance of developing cardiovascular disease. Avoiding sugary treats can help reduce the chance of developing type two diabetes. By taking away the choice of unhealthy snacks and drinks, and replacing them with the choice of a large range of healthy, delicious snacks and nutritious drinks, you can encourage better health and wellbeing of the people around you and the general public.

Vending machines from the Jar

Speak to us at The Jar and find out more about our healthy vending machines London. There are three different variations of healthy vending machines London to choose from. They are all environmentally friendly, attractive and modern. They are sleek and compact and only require a metre square of space as well as a working plug point. They are easy to operate, very user-friendly and can take contactless payment for greater ease and convenience. We will monitor the machine remotely so that you do not have to worry. We will monitor stock levels, carry out sales reviews, find out which products are the most popular and stock your vending machine accordingly. We will be able to monitor any technical issues and correct them quickly and successfully so that your machine is working at all times. Speak to us at The Jar today. Find out more about healthy vending and enjoy the benefits of healthy food choices in comparison to the effect that chocolate bars and fizzy drinks can have on health and wellbeing.

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