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The advantages of healthy vending machines in the workplace

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Healthy vending machines are an excellent way of encouraging better dietary choices and promoting good health in your workplace. If you have a conventional vending machine in your office or workplace then you need to speak to us at The Jar and find out about how you can hire healthy vending machine UK.

Conventional vending machines are detrimental to health. They are packed full of sugary and salty snacks such as crisps and chocolate bars, with sugar-laden energy drinks which may taste nice, but are high in calories and have low nutritional value.

The food and drink found in conventional vending machines may provide a quick sugar rush, but then they leave you craving more sugar, feeling thirsty and feeling slow and sluggish for the rest of the day. This can affect the productivity of your colleagues or workforce and over time results in the development of many different issues including weight gain, obesity and high cholesterol.

These issues can result in further complications including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and poor overall wellbeing. By replacing your conventional vending machine with a healthy vending machine and encouraging your colleagues to make better dietary choices, you can help promote good health, positivity and greater productivity in your workplace.

Hire a healthy vending machine with no cost to yourself

Here at The Jar we are offering a chance to hire healthy vending machine UK, for your workplace, with no cost to yourself. Our vending machines are remotely managed by our team and we will replenish stock levels when necessary, so that you are always able to provide a wide variety of choices.

To begin with, we can put together a selection of our most popular items or you can have a look at our website and see the full range of food and drinks that are available and decide what you would like to stock in your machine.

All we require is a metre square of space and a plug point and we will deliver the healthy vending machine to your address and instal it for you whilst you carry on with your daily activities.

Support 24 hours of the day

Our machines are made up of many different components so if there are any technical faults then we can address them for you quickly and easily without any disruption to your service.

You will be provided with a 24-hour support system so that you can contact us immediately if you are experiencing any issues with your particular machine. By tracking sales figures we will find out which items are popular and which are not attracting as much attention and we will stock your vending machine accordingly.

We have three different high-tech machines for you to choose from and each one is designed to be highly attractive and will brighten up any office or workspace, drawing the attention of your colleagues and workforce. Speak to us at our company today to find out how you can hire healthy vending machine UK and promote healthy eating in your workplace.

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