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Lunch Break: Healthy Vending vs. Food Chains

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Fresh and natural are the words we fall for at the time of absolute veggie dominion and increasingly popular workout routines like Barry’s and spin classes. Indeed, name anything and there will be a healthier vegan, gluten-free alternative. Health is not only the latest trend but an invaluable asset for building fulfilling lives.


Maybe this explains why those with a busy schedule and no time to waste actively join the healthy movement and try to keep up with balanced diets and regular workouts. However, with a growing interest in healthier choices and little time to actually figure out what good they have to offer, the luring packaging can become nothing more but a marketing trap.


We’ve already seen how Healthy Vending beats food delivery services. Now let’s find out if lunch from healthy vending can compete with the well-established food chains.

Healthy Vending in London, UK.

Deceptive marketing


Not everyone is transparent about their product, especially when it comes to fast-food and is presented as healthy. Recently a non-profit organisation filed a lawsuit against a well-known food chain for what they called deceptive marketing. The reason was in their “natural” bread which was tested positive for synthetic chemicals. This left us all shook.


The Jar Healthy Vending does not only test each product ourselves but provides you with the full information on the product’s ingredient list and allergens. You can even see your calorie count on the touch screen. We aim to give maximum transparency and goodness to our customers. No tricks just treats.


Queues and crowds


Most restaurants during lunchtime remind a flea market. Looks like people are just trying to get over with it and go back to the busy schedule. The whole atmosphere does not bring peace.


With The Jar Healthy Vending the best and freshest products are always at your dispense. Just mix-n-match a perfect lunch set and it will be delivered to you in one tap with a credit card. No coins, no hassle, no destructive energies. Just a simple, fast and convenient process of purchasing to make your lunch break a perfect time for rejuvenation.




Well, this may well be our ace in the hole. Thanks to the numerous local brands which cooperate with us, The Jar Healthy Vending product list pleases every standard. Moreover, our system allows to track customer’s preferences so we always know what exactly is in demand.


With The Jar Healthy Vending, you don’t have to go through the same menu every day. And if you don’t feel like tuna salad on a rainy day, try our Sweet Potato and Turmeric Soup or Miso and Kimchi Noodles.


For more mouth-watering flavours, check our full menu here!


Of course, the movement of today brings along many new places which care about food as much as we do. And these restaurants and cafes are definitely worth visiting once in a while.


But if you prefer spending your lunch time enjoying a healthy meal topped with a nutritious snack without unnecessary worries, The Jar Healthy Vending might well be the saviour of the day.

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