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Healthy vending machines to combat obesity and promote good health

You can find a vending machine in most busy public spaces, packed full of chocolate bars, crisps and fizzy drinks; they may be convenient, however they are bad for our health. Obesity is already a major issue in this country and by offering unhealthy snacks, high in sugar, high in sodium and low in nutritional value, this is making the matter worse. Here at The Jar Healthy Vending we are proud to present three excellent varieties of our healthy vending machines in London.

Our healthy vending machines come at no cost to yourself and all we require from you is a plug point and approximately a square metre of space for your modern and convenient vending machine.

The advantages of healthy vending machines

Instead of unhealthy snacks which may taste nice, but over time result in many different health issues including heartburn, indigestion, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, our healthy vending machines in London are packed with wholesome, delicious and nutritious snacks, fresh fruit, fruit juices, milk drinks and even meal options. Our healthy vending machines in London are refrigerated and therefore we are able to provide a wide variety of fresh options to meet dietary requirements and taste preferences at the same time.

Fully maintained vending machines

Our vending machines are monitored remotely by our specialist team and we provide a 24-hour customer service line for any issues that you may have with your machine. We monitor stock levels, replenish them regularly, assess customer demand and restock accordingly, so that you do not have to worry about your healthy vending machine. Each of our vending machines has a large, high-definition, colour touch screen display which includes a list of all the products that are available including their nutritional advice, allergy advice and prices. Lists can be filtered to meet dietary requirements or allergies and the system is easy to use and navigate, with customer convenience in mind. Our machines accept contactless card payments as well as Google and Apple pay.

Here at The Jar Healthy Vending we have made sure that our vending machines are eco-friendly so we use biodegradable wood-based cutlery and we minimise the use of plastic as much as possible in our packaging. We maintain stock levels of food products all the time and we bring forward products with short expiry dates, lowering prices when necessary to sell these products. We are part of The Too Good To Go movement and we also like to donate leftover products to local charities where possible.

Speak to us today, we will talk you through the three different varieties of our healthy vending machines, each one is fully maintained by ourselves and they have been designed to ensure that they are easy to operate by the consumer and yourself when necessary. They are highly attractive and will brighten up any space that they are placed in immediately. Provide tasty and nutritious food options with our healthy vending machines from The Jar Healthy Vending and help combat obesity and promote good health in return.

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