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Have you heard about our healthy vending machines in London?

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

If you are looking for a new special something to make your business stand out from the rest then it might be time to consider getting a healthy snack machine instead of one that only stocks chocolate and sweets. At The Jar Healthy Vending we are not only striving to promote healthy eating, but want to make healthier drinks and snacks more readily accessible for everyone in society.

Our healthy vending machines in London consist of an array of main meals, snacks and drinks, and your customers will be able to find all of the nutritional information for what is in their meal too. This makes it possible for people who are weight watching or have special dietary needs to enjoy using vending machines too, as normally they would have to steer clear from all of the processed, unhealthy foods that are on offer.

Sit back whilst we do all the legwork

Unlike a lot of other machines, our healthy vending machines in London come completely free of charge to your business. There is no cost for the installation of our machine, we will always make sure our machine is properly maintained at no cost to you, and we are in charge of stocking our machine, ensuring that all of your customers are satisfied with both the products and service that it provides. All of our machines can conveniently fit within one square metre of space too, so your premises will not be taken over by your new machine. Running them is easy, all you need to do is plug its three pin plug into a mains socket and wait for your machine to reach the correct temperature. Through mobile technology we are able to monitor all of our machines. We can keep an eye on the temperature of your machine and will come out to stock it up as soon as it has reached the right temperature. We can also make your machines more energy efficient by putting them on a timer, saving you money and helping the environment at the same time.

What can you expect to find on the menu?

When one of our healthy vending machines in London becomes an addition to your business you are making the decision to give your customers or staff the option to really enjoy a variety of healthy foods that are ready to eat and at their fingertips. Our products include several different ranges, taking into consideration that some people have special dietary requirements which normally prevent them from being able to enjoy food on the go. We offer gluten free products, and we also cater for both vegetarians and vegans, who usually go unthought of when it comes to food on the go. What we stock in your machine will change over time as we establish what products it is that your customers are buying. Our remote monitoring will analyse what products are selling the most and we will ensure that your machine is stocked accordingly, so all of your customers or staff will be able to look forward to being able to purchase their new favourite meal.

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