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Ayurvedic Diet Pt2

Last week we introduced you to the main principle of Ayurvedic diet which explains the importance of eating depending on your Dosha. Nonetheless, there are few more recommendations to look at when choosing to live according to the Ayurvedic diet. In this post we will explore other key rules of this diet.

Rule 1: No more snacks

No more snacks, are you for real? Well, not exactly… By Ayuverdic diet our body goes through three stages of digestion according to doshas.

First stage is Kapha - just after we’ve enjoyed our favourite meal. An hour or so after having some food our body might feel heavy and full. Next one goes Pitta when everything we’ve just eaten is being transformed into energy giving us powers. As the last stage of Vata we are already getting back to lightness in our body when appetite starts to come back.

Breaking this cycle in Ayurvedic diet means having incomplete digestion. Therefore, it is highly not recommended to break your meal with different snacks. It brings stress to the stomach and does not let toxins out.

However, no one said snacks can’t be a part of your daily three meals. So yes-snacks are allowed just take it together with the main meal and not in between.

Rule 2: Don’t get full but get satisfied

Another key rule of Ayurvedic diet is not overeating. Here and there we all know what it means going out for lunch feeling you can eat an elephant. And what do we often do?

We actually do eat that ‘elephant’ by taking 3 meals just for lunch thinking it won’t be enough. We all know that was much more than enough and that’s what this diet is trying to teach us. Apart from weight gain, overeating adds a burden of digestion for our bodies.

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When taking a meal try to imagine that it can be divided into 10 portions. And then stop at seven when you are already satisfied and do not stop at ten when you are completely full. It will help to make your digestion easier and not keep extensive calories;)

Rule 3: Stay connected with your food

When was the last time you have been just eating? Not sure you would really remember that as we always get caught up with all our favourite distractions: emails, Instagram, TV or even talking over the phone.

In Ayurveda meal time is the moment when you are able to connect with your food and leave everything behind. Each Ayurvedic dish awakens all your six tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, astringent and pungent. Therefore, the rule here is to truly taste the flavours as each of them bring needed energy signals to our body.

Without concentration here you might end up missing those vital signals to be able to support you comprehensively.

Those were the other 3 key rules which lay at the foundation of the Ayurvedic diet. At the Jar Healthy Vending we encourage everyone to try different ways of eating and find the right one for you. Any diet is always more about the philosophy than about actual food.

And you, have you ever tried the Ayurvedic diet?

Stay satisfied and healthy

The Jar Team

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